Vegan Taco Cook-off 2018

Vegan in San Diego is bringing back the Vegan Taco Cook Off. Some of San Diego’s top taco vendors will be slinging their best dishes to battle for the title of Best Vegan Taco in San Diego.

Two titles will be awarded: Judge’s Prize and People’s Choice

The event will take place on Sunday, October 21, 2018, at Fair@44 in City Heights. Competitors will cook in their own set up (standard 10×10 pop-up). This is a curated and ticketed event for approximately 550 people. The smaller crowds offer the prime experiences for guests (no super long lines) and allows you to cook your best for judging.

Think you have  what it takes? Please complete the request form below. Your application will be reviewed and a response will be emailed to you within seven (7) days. The deadline to apply is Friday, September 21, 2018.


I understand that I am responsible for obtaining a Temporary Food Facility Permit (or Mobile Food Facility permit) in order to participate in this event. I understand my application is due to the County of San Diego at least 30 days prior to the event. I understand my approved permit must be emailed to Vegan in San Diego at at least 15 days prior to the event. I understand I must bring my food permit to the event to display in my booth; failure to do so may result in DEH shutting down my operations for the day and a $60 vendor fee incurred from Vegan in San Diego. (This event will be held in an outdoor parking lot, offering asphalt/concrete flooring. You *must* bring your own ground covering or tarp.) I understand all the requirements for selling/sampling food/drinks (such as booth design and warewashing station) and understand I am responsible for all requirements with exception of restrooms.
Yes, I understand this responsibility and costs involved.

Do you have your own warewashing station (3 compartment sink)? (If we reach the maximum number of vendors per our one warewashing station, we may be able to add you to this event if you bring your own.)

I understand that I must have liability insurance listing the event organizers as additional insurers. Official additional insured name will be provided in late August. (Please email a copy of your liability insurance to at least 14 days prior to event date.)
Yes, I have liability insurance and will provide a copy to Vegan in San Diego.

I certify that all food, products and printed information on premises will be 100% vegan (will not contain or advertise any animal products or byproducts including but not limited to dairy, eggs, honey, meat, fish, palm oil, lanolin, feathers, wool, fur, etc.; and were not tested on animals).
Yes, I certify the above statement is true.

Cancellations require a 7-day minimum notice; if I fail to provide notice at least seven days in advance, I agree to pay the vendor fee of $60 if Vegan in San Diego is unable to fill my vacancy.
Yes, I understand the cancellation policy.

I understand space is limited and my application may not be accepted. A committee will choose the official contestants and will notify contestants as soon as possible.
Yes, I understand the terms of participation.