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Easy Peasy Pad Thai by Mary Eats Plants

Mary shares her favorite dinner recipe, Easy Peasy Pad Thai, which always gets rave reviews when shared with family and friends! It’s quick and easy to make, and of course, vegan and gluten free. Try it out and let us know how you like it!

You can find more recipes from Mary Eats Plants at www.MaryEatsPlants.com.

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Diet Spaghetti by Brian Turner (Eat Vegan Or Die Trying)

Check out this sample recipe for Diet Spaghetti from Brian Turner’s new vegan cookbook called Eat Vegan Or Die Trying. This recipe was a go-to for Brian when he was dieting to lose fat for his physique competition and had to monitor calories.  The low-calorie nature of spaghetti squash adds volume to the dish and allows so many more bites full without having to spend your entire calorie allotment, while also satisfying cravings!

You can take 50% off your purchase of Brian’s cookbook using code EVODT50 and join the 90-day vegan challenge with Brian until September 23, 2018. Code VEGANINSANDIEGO saves you 10% (not to be combined with other discounts)!

Find more recipes and resources at www.EatVeganorDieTrying.com.

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Best Vegan Banana Bread Ever by Cook With Court


Cook With Court tackles the classic banana bread with a healthy spin in this gluten-free,  oil-free recipe. It’s great for breakfast, snacks or dessert!

You can find more recipes by Courtney at www.cookwithcourt.com.

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Vegan Lasagna with Roasted Veggies and Garlic Herb Ricotta by Vegetarian Gastronomy

The rich flavor of oven roasted vegetables, combined with my garlic herb tofu ricotta and some tangy sweet marinara. This gluten-free, vegan lasagna recipe by Anjali Lalani is elegant, delicious, and perfect for the entire family! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

You can find more recipes by Anjali Lalani at www.vegetariangastronomy.com.

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The Best Bean Burgers You Will Ever Try by The Vegan Ferri

Ready to meet your new favorite homemade vegan burger? Try out this recipe for The Best Bean Burgers You Will Every Try from The Vegan Ferri and let us know what you think!

You can find more recipes by Rachel Ferri at www.theveganferri.com!

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Vegan Pizza: Healthy, Oil Free and Gluten Free by Soul in the Raw

This vegan pizza is oil free, gluten free and healthy. Can you believe this crust is made only with quinoa and water?! Try it for yourself and savor the benefits of a whole-foods vegan meal.

You can find more recipes by Marina of Soul in the Raw at www.soulintheraw.com.

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Strawberry Coconut Crumble Bars by The Vegan Ferri

In the mood for something sweet, simple and healthy? The Vegan Ferri has a recipe that will do the trick. Try out these Strawberry Coconut Crumble Bars for “the best oatmeal bars you’ve ever tasted.”

You can find more recipes by Rachel Ferri at www.theveganferri.com!

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