Welcome to Vegan In San Diego. This service was launched in February 2015 with this website, followed by the Instagram page @veganinsandiego and accompanying hashtag: #veganinsandiego. Both serve as a digital menu of all of San Diego’s vegan options — submitted by YOU.

We exist to help you find everything vegan in San Diego county, including events and services (like doctors, apparel and other vegans for hire). If you have a vegan business or offer vegan services, please reach out to us! Planning a vegan-related event? We’d love to spread the word for you (or help, if you need).

Drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you. We can be reached in several ways:

EMAIL: veganinsandiego@gmail.com

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Our Team

Carly M. — Carly founded Vegan In San Diego in February 2015 to help the San Diego vegan community find vegan options, and create a greater sense of community. Carly uses her background in Communications and her degree in Journalism to research and report on local vegan news. She has been vegan since December 2013, and vegetarian since November 2008.

Josh M. — Josh is the Vegan In San Diego team’s official photographer. He enjoys capturing and retouching vegan food photos. Josh went vegan in January 2015, after about two years as a vegetarian.

Kelly B. — Kelly is a San Diego based freelance food writer, photographer, and pizza nerd. Her work has appeared in Serious Eats, Blackboard Eats, Edible OC, Pizza Today, LAist and elsewhere. She is known for her descriptive honesty and has served multiple stints as a vegan food festival judge.

Katie R. — Katie is best known as TheKateGatsby on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Dustin & Joana H. — Dustin and Joana are the duo behind @halnez_foodness, a San Diego based vegan couple who have been vegan since June of 2015. They enjoy exploring San Diego food scene through their relatively new vegan lenses, as well as veganizing their childhood favorite foods.

Dash Eye — Dash is a San Diego based reggae DJ who has been spinning with the Tribe of Kings since 1998. Dash has been vegan since 1999 and graduated from the Vegan Lifestyle Coach from Main Street Vegan Academy in April 2017. You can catch Dash Eye at his weekly and monthly events, find him weekly on Dash-A-Fire Podcast: Reggae and Vegan Lifestyle, and download any of his many mixes featuring artists such as Jah Cure, Tarrus Riley, Sizzla, Marlon Asher, Ray Darwin, Courtney John, J Boog and others.




Our Services

Let us know what you need! Our team members offer the following services. Visit our Services page for pricing and details.

Website building
Website management
Website annual refresh
Food/Business photography
Proofreading services
Social media content
Graphic design
Resume writing/design
Food/Services reviews